1. The color White stands for pure, humble, beginning, without malice.
  2. The color Red stands for the blood sweat and tears one puts forth for the study of Sanchin Bushi.
  3. The color Black stands for the unknown, malice, the understanding that beginning something not understood begins the process of learning.
  4. The Shorinken as used in Shorinryu Karate: The hand, fist, fingers, elbow, knees, toes & weapons as an extension of the hand.
  5. The Ying & Yang, meaning opposites in general terms, the student makes his decision on what it means in Sanchin Bushi martial arts as taught by the instructors.
  6. The Octagon around the Ying & Yang is the eight point blocking system.
  7. The white reef is showing life, with purity, humbleness and like everything grows up reaching for the Lord.
  8. Sanchin: Means the three battles, the battle to unite the mind, body and spirit. Only one will know when they have mastered these words of thought.
  9. Bushi: Means warrior.
  10. Karate: Empty Hand