2-1-2020 Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico:  Hanshi Eddie Cardona held his training in Sensei Santales Dojo in Cabo Rojo, PR.  Each month, Hanshi Cardona trains, at a different Dojo on the island.  The lesson was on Kihon, Kata & Bunkai.  Part of the lesson was each sensei would do a kata, explain part of the kata, demonstrate a bunkai and lead the group through his lesson.  Hanshi Cardona led the group through reflection training with kihon and body shifting.  The class was well received by all in attendance.  Thanks to Hanshi Frank Ramirez Jr., for visiting and his lesson on breathing at point of impact for continuing force through the body with maximum effect.

(L-R) - Sensei B. Nieves, Sensei E. Guereros, Sensei L. Santales, Hanshi Eddie Cardona, Hanshi F. Ramirez Jr., Sensei E. Jimi, Sensei J. Cardona