Frank Ramirez Jr. Hanshi, Sanchin Bushi Karate System, attended Taekwondo Young Brothers seminar in Lajas & San German, Puerto Rico, I would like to thank GM Daniel Baez for inviting me to the seminar on October 4 – 6, 2019.  During the seminar we were able to meet many, Taekwondo Grand Masters and many students practicing to achieve their ranks in their martial art.  Grandmaster Kong Young IL, the father of Young Brothers Taekwondo in Puerto Rico, was invited by GM Alfredo Hernandez to evaluate his students and pass a training and evaluation of skills with many Taekwondo students from many different states and countries.  A great turnout and of course great dinners after the workouts.  Instructors in attendance:  GM Robert Dunn, GM Louise Radicioni, Sensei Livier Pabon Matos, Sensei Nancy Nieves and many more.



GM Daniel Baez - GM Kong Young IL