On September 29, 2018 the SBKS Princeton, FL visited Tony Rosa Shihan's, new Dojo in Princeton, FL, for a workout and get together with visiting instructor David Helmick Shihan, from Apopka, FL.  During Shihan's visit he tested Alexis Agostini for his Sandan ranking.  Alexis showed he was ready, completing all requirements.  Shihan Helmick explained and executed front kick and front thrust kick to the participants.  Shihan Rosa explained and practiced embusen; a Japanese term used in karate to refer to the spot where a kata begins as well as its line of movement.  Nearly all kata start and end on exactly the same embusen point (Kieten).  Hanshi Ramirez explained about spirit in all movements executed.  Thank you to Shihan Rosa for the use of his Dojo.