On August 29, 2018, Frank Ramirez Jr. Hanshi visited SBKS Aguadilla, PR with William Pyatt, SiGung, to practice with Joe Rodriguez, Kyoshi’s class.  Class was run like a seminar with three different areas of training.  Junior belts with Roberto Renshi working on basic stances, kicks and kata’s.  Joe & Willy tested Harry Acevedo for Shodan Black Belt and Joel Cajigas for Yellow Belt.  Ramirez Hanshi observed the class and helped with the junior belts, teaching each student individually.  Congratulations to; Harry Acevedo for being promoted to Shodan (1st Degree Black Belt); Congratulations to Joe Rodriguez, Kyoshi for being promoted to Hanshi-Dan (8th Degree Black Belt), well deserved with 40+ years of martial arts experience.  William Pyatt & Joe Rodriguez were Ramirez Sensei’s tops students in the 70’s.  It’s been over 40 years since all three, practiced together.  Thank You Willie and Hanshi for your visit.