/10-12/2018 – 30th Annual ISKA Summer Camp, YMCA Camp Jones Gulch, La Honda, CA

2018 International Santen Karate Association (ISKA) Summer Camp was held at the YMCA Camp Jones Gulch, La Honda, CA.   Camp Jones Gulch is a beautiful place that offers a peaceful setting for traditional Shotokan training. The training included various styles in technique and body dynamics.  This year’s Special Guest Instructor was Sensei Rick Hotton, from Sarasota, FL.  Sensei Hutton’s words; “I would like to offer a commentary on the self-guided practice as a model for one’s training paradigm.  Address each moment of your life or self-defense as a unique occurrence that requires a frame of mind and “body being” that maximizes your connection to that movement.  My connection to “now” is the essential spontaneous quality of karate and at the core of my personal practice”.   

All instructors were outstanding with their presentation and training agenda that covered many techniques, different styles outside of the Shotokan System including jujitsu and boxing, all instructors were touching on same topics with their flair to the lesson. 


  1. Proper Posture,
  2. Body staying connected when executing technique
  3. Body rotation, using the floor for external pressure
  4. Muscle contraction and expansion to create driving action for technique
  5. Breath is the glue that attaches the mind to the body
  6. Relaxation of body in execution of technique
  7. Nijushiho Kata, internal force
  8. And many more………………. 

Looking forward to next year’s Summer Camp!