The 8th Annual Sanchin Bushi Karate System (SBKS) Seminar was held in Homestead, FL. Participants came from multiple places in the U. S. and from Puerto Rico.  A special Thank you to: 

    - Bill Solano Meijin, Matsumura Seito Hozonkai, Aibonito, Puerto Rico

    - Moises Colon Hanshi, Taiseikan Shorinryu Karate Association, North Miami Beach FL

    - Robert Stevenson Hanshi, Shotokan, International Santen Karate Association, Fresno, CA

    - Lester Figueroa Sifu, Southern Styles of Hung Gar and Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, Chandler, AZ

    - Tony Rosa Shihan, Traditional Shotokan Karate, Homestead, FL

Thank you to all for taking time out off their schedules to share their knowledge with the SBKS Brotherhood. 

Instruction during seminar included:

    - BO Kata “Oshido no-Kon”

    - Iaido Kata “Ipon Mae Kiriorshi”

    - Arnis stick defense and disarm

    - From traditional karate we practiced breathing in contraction and expansion, and liner stance for extension and more hip rotation. 

In addition, multiple individuals were tested for rank upgrades.   Amaya Velez earned her Orange Belt, Pedro Chaviano earned his Brown Belt and Greg Lechner of Hung Gar Kung-Fu earned his Black Sash.

We thank David Helmick, Shihan & Troy Ah Yo, Renshi for running a smooth event.   Others in attendance:  Alexis Agostini, Roberto Gonzalez, Joey Gonzalez, Brendon Hopwood, Abel Fernandez, Angelo Melendez, Joey Chun Leong Phoon, Dennis Sherman and Frank Ramirez Jr. Hanshi. 

We would also like to thank Frank Ramirez Jr. Hanshi for the setting up and organization of the event.   We closed the seminar weekend with a nice meal amongst a Martial Arts Brotherhood.   We look forward to the next event in 2019 in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.   Details on next year’s event will be released in January of 2019.