June 8 - 11, 2018 – Tony Rosa Shihan’s Seminar Cooper City & Miami, FL

Tony Rosa Shihan held his yearly seminar in Cooper City & Miami, FL, a lot of years of martial arts were in attendance.  Like a bunch of guys when they were young, but now a little younger and a lot more hair.  Even though we make fun of each other with much respect, but it was great to see them all.  We are white belts that have never “quit”.   

Training of the seminar, Kihon’ s, Kata’s, Kumite concept and perfection of kata movement.  It was a great three days.  We would also like to thank Grand Master Baez for the use of his Dojo, Mr. Sato for the use of his Dance Studio and Frank Ramirez Jr. Hanshi for attending.   I Look forward to seeing you all, next year.

(L-R) Denis Deliz, Rick Lopez, Hector Vargus, Jose Ramos, Frank Ramirez Jr., Tony Rosa,  Felipe Rodriguez, Albert Cruz, Manual Vega, Jaime Paris, Felix Ramos.