We would like to thank Robert Gonzalez-Renshi for his dedication to the martial arts, by presenting to the SBKS Fraternity another Dojo located in San Antonio, Puerto Rico; a suburb of Aguadilla! On January 5, 2017; was the grand opening of his Dojo. We enjoyed a (3) hour workout; Roberto Renshi opened with the first courtesy to his Dojo. The Yudansha’s were instructed to take the class for warmups and basic movements, blocks and kicks. Class was then split up with the black belts instructing Taikyoku kata’s. After evaluating the Yudansha’s leadership presentation, Joe Rodriguez-Kyoshi explained various ideas on how they could better their teaching skills. Kyoshi then taught, Zen (Preemption 1) and Zen-no-Zen (Preemption 2). While Kyoshi was working with the Yudansha’s; Frank Ramirez Jr.-Sensei instructed the kyu belts and had a great time with them working the kyu belts without talking and having them mimicking Sensei’s actions while going through blocks, kicks and kata; technique was successful. Then Roberto-Renshi dismissed the class! It was a great workout!