The 2015 Sanchin Bushi Karate System Annual Seminar was held in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico July 16-19.  The event was well attended with many Sanchin Bushi Alumni from all regions of Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, USVI and the United States.  Guest attendees included Soke Meijin Bill Solano who taught a Kihon No Kata (Basic Bo Staff) form, Hanshi Moises Colon (Judan) a Basic Iaido Kata, and Sifu Lester Figueroa who lectured in Eskrima flow drills.  The dynamic movements associated with all the forms were well explained in historical perspective with practical application of transferring them to empty hand techniques.  The camaraderie of the brotherhood was in full display throughout the event with senior Sensei imparting their knowledge to all participants.  The success of this year's event, along with the great memories created, is only made better by the great personalities that make up the Sanchin Bushi Brotherhood.