On May 8, 2015 a seminar given specially for the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD); Atlanta Mixed Martial Arts Club by  Hanshi Frank Ramirez Jr., and Renshi Robert Gonzalez.  This meeting was arranged by Jessica Becker, a Nidan in Sanchin Bushi Karate, who is also an instructor for the club.

     Before talking about the actual seminar, knowing a little bit about the club itself may shine light on how the seminar benefited the club's members.  The club has changed management a few times over the past several years as old students graduate from SCAD and pass on the torch of leadership – and has struggled at times in the past to hold on to members.  The college has a very intense program of study that has, unfortunately, led to many students deciding to leave the club.  But the current group of students have had a strong dedication to the art, and an understanding that learning martial arts and the philosophies behind them will only help them in whatever endeavor they go on to do in the future.

     That dedication is, in fact, what led Jessica to contact Hanshi Ramirez about doing a seminar for the group of students.  She had benefited greatly from similar seminars in the past herself, and wished to share that experience with her fellow students.

     Hanshi Ramirez and Renshi Gonzalez taught the group several basic techniques that could help save their lives, but his wisdom and teachings were the most beneficial of all.  Every single student that attended the seminar had good things to say about the experience after words, and the ripples of knowledge earned spread throughout the group – even to those few members who had been unable to attend the seminar themselves.

     One of the many teachings Hanshi Ramirez said during the seminar was, in fact, about dedication to the art.  “Just put on your Gi (uniform) and show up.”  Show up, and keep working to better yourself.  That is something this group already has shown they are capable of.  It doesn't matter what else they have going on, they keep pushing themselves to make it to meetings because martial arts is something important to them.

     In addition to the teachings, at the end of the seminar Jessica and one of the students – Christian Buck – were given special coins by Hanshi Ramirez and Renshi Gonzalez.  These tokens were meant to show that they were the students with the most initiative and promise.  Both were honored to receive them, and Christian especially has shown much progress in martial arts throughout his time with the club and does plan to continue learning even more in the future.