This year’s ISKA Sierra Camp was a success we had the privilege of training with Avi Rokah, Sensei on Traditional movement with body posture and kumite concepts.   Vincent Cruz, Hanshi was at this year’s Camp, after having two episodes with water in the lungs, and a heart attack, but he still was at the camp both days, observing and instructing basic technique from Gojushiho-sho.  That is impressive that he is being the example for continued martial arts spirit.  True Budo!  Countries in attendance, Canada, Africa, Venezuela, Panama, Puerto Rico and many different USA-states represented.  We call this Seminar the University of Martial Arts.


Center Sitting:  Vincent Cruz, Hanshi,

 R-L:  Kyoshi Rick Llewelyn, Kyoshi Robert Stevensen, Hanshi Frank Ramirez Jr. 

All promoted to Kudan.

 Kyoshi Robert Stevenson being promoted to 9th Degree Black Belt (Kudan)