At the Second Annual 
International Sanchin Bushi Ryu Karate-Do Association Seminar the Sanchin Bushi Coin was presented to the Pillars of the style!

The Coin is an Octagon shape with its eight points showing our blocking system;
With the Sanchin Bushi Karate System Emblem Centered;
Soke - Frank Ramirez Jr; over the emblem as the person who believed in a vision; but the vision needed its’ pillars;
 Promoting the emblem on the left as you view the emblem is:
 Shihan Joe Rodriguez’s positioned on the West of the emblem!
Promoting the emblem on the Right is:
 Shihan Dennis Deliz positioned on the East!
North on the Coin is:  Sensei Troy Ah Yo
East is Renshi Dave Helmick and North-East is Sensei Joey Gonzalez;
South East is Sensei Victor Parris
West is Renshi Marcos Ramos and North West is Sensei Luis Rivera;
South West is Renshi John Dumond;
Each direction is an instructor with knowledge to give to the students and it is a never ending journey!
South of the Emblem are the words:
Mind, Body & Spirit
The elements needed to be the best you can be…….


Due South
Is the word STUDENT which is the foundation of the art, we all walk the same path to personal goals’ in the art but different because of our inner self and our different journeys.

On the Back of the Coin are the founding fathers of our style:
For each awardee to learn about past history of our Art…………..
As we visualize the directions of our members; other doors will open………………..