On June 1st 2013 SBKS founder Hanshi Frank Ramirez Jr. along with Kyoshi Tony Rosa, Shihan Dennis Deliz, Sensei Alex Agostini and Mr. Abel Fernandez visited Joe's Dungeon Dojo in Coconut Creek, Florida. The workout started at 8:45 am and lasted to 11:30 am. As is tradition for the dungeon it got hot and the workout was demanding yet exhilarating. Many fine points of the art were discussed by our Master instructors such as: Hanshi Ramirez on kumite as a rhythmic (dance like) experience, Kyoshi Rosa on proper posture and stances in kata, and Shihan Deliz on breathing, relaxation and execution of technique. This was just a small sample of the many topics of historical martial arts knowledge that was passed on. Introduced to the SBKS group was Joe Perez student Sempai of Sensei Joe Gonzalez who graciously tested for Brown Belt. He completed his examination in a vigorous and honorable display of martial art sprit, confidence, and technique. It was a great day of training and camaraderie that was added to the many memories of the Sanchin Bushi brotherhood.