February 23, 2013 at Hanshi Moises Colon’s Shorin-ryu Karate & Shinto Yoshin at the Saido Kobudo - Taiseikan Dojo in North Miami Beach, Florida.  

L-R:  Hanshi M. Colon, (Top Picture) Sensei J. Gonzalez, (Next Pic) Mr. A. Fernandez, Shihan T. Rosa, Shihan D. Deliz, Sensei H. Vargas, Hanshi F. Ramirez Jr., Kyoshi C. Gross.

A Brotherhood of martial artists united to have a workout conducted by Shihan Tony Rosa.   Shihan Rosa is currently being challenged by Cancer, but and his battle is bravely being fought and assisted by his continued practice of the martial arts.  Shihan Rosa instructed the Dojo to Jion, a traditional Shotokan Kata.  After the activity an award ceremony in sued.  Unbeknown-st to Shihan Rosa instructors had previously been in touch with Soke Vincent Cruz; of the International San Ten Karate Association (ISKA) and with Soke Vincent Cruz’s authority, Shihan Tony Rosa was advanced to Shichidan (7th Dan) and awarded the title of Kyoshi! The workout was enlightening and demanding yet paced for all in attendance to complete and learn.  
Kyoshi Tony Rosa