14th Annual ISKA Camp:  August 10-12, 2012

This year’s camp dedicated to the memory of Shihan Marcelino Perales,

his spirit was present during the camp seminar events, especially with his picture in front of the training hall!  Martial Arts covered were Traditional Shotokan Karate.  Each lesson was introduced by experienced martial artists, with a lesson plan of the agenda handed out for each activity.  An exceptional way of learning martial arts for the beginner and advanced student.  The spirit of harmony and brotherly companionship through-out the seminar was present.  Vincent Cruz, Hanshi, was not present this year he was having medical problems.  His presence was missed; Hanshi Cruz addressed the campers at the end of the camp by phone through a loud speaker.  We look forward to having him here next year.  Many of the participating campers visited him at his home in Madera, California, at the completion of the camp.  Different countries represented at this year’s camp:  Canada, Panama, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Israel, Mexico and Colombia, of course USA.  This year’s special guest was Hanshi Mohammad Ali Sharifi, Shotokan Karate Institute, 5327 Jacuzzi St., Unit 3-P, Richmond, CA  94804.  He instructed a class on basic Qi-Gong exercises, the class was very interesting and the camp participants continued wanting more of the lesson.  Thanks to all the instructors and participants of the ISKA camp that made this year’s camp a wealth of knowledge and making some of the senior ranks feel like they are experiencing a Martial Arts University or Martial Arts Academy!