14th Annual Sierra Camp will be August 10-11-12, 2012 Karate in the Sierras! Every year ISKA hosts a two-day, multiple-instructor training camp in the Sierra Nevada mountains right outside Yosemite National Open to all styles of martial arts.

Master Vincent Cruz and the ISKA Sensei’s invite you to our annual Sierra Camp, three days of karate training and martial arts fellowship at Camp Green Meadows, Fish Camp, CA.  Discover karate's Basic Principles!  The basic principles are the skills inside the skills.  Sharpen your Kumite!  Footwork, timing and spirit are the keys to kumite.  Kumite sessions emphasize victory through strategy and superior timing.  Analyze your Kata’s!  For kyu ranks we study Bassai Dai,  Empi,  Kanku Dai and  Jion, presenting one kata per year in rotation. For black belts, we rotate through the Sandan katas: Hangetsu, Gankaku, Jitte, Tekki Nidan and Tekki Sandan. We often devote Sunday morning to the applications of the Heian katas.  For advanced black belts we keep things lively with advanced katas and special sessions tailored to the audience.  Make Lifelong Friends!  Karate friends are friends forever.  At the Sierra camp, strangers become friends you'll see again and again at ISKA events and seminars.  At the campfire session, people share their experiences about karate and life.