Karate:  By Alfonso Rivilla

Questions I've asked myself for years and that I think can help any Martial Arts practitioner if they Answer them.  Today I want to talk to you about the questions that for years I have tried to Solve and answer me to be able to get to know deeply the Art I Practice and to try to be every day Better person and better Master of the same, not to be better than the other teachers in general, nor even to be a better teacher than anyone in particular, for what I work every day to be myself, to be a better Master than I was yesterday.

Here I invite you to whatever you want, ask the following questions, and answer them sincerely to Uds.  And I assure them that when they are done answering them, and I assure them it will take them time.  You will all be better:

Masters, Expert Teachers Martial Artists.

And at the same time they will know much wider and deeper the Art they practice.  As I always say, what I write is what I believe, what I feel, what I live and what I teach.  I respect everyone's opinions, even if they are against mine.

So he who believes that what I write is not necessary, for he is right, that he does not read me, and is dedicated to reading things that are more beneficial to him from his point of view.  I do not write to be read by many Martial Artists, nor to be known more every day, I write to those who have concerns and questions, and really want to improve, find ways to answer them.  I explain the paths I have traveled to get to what I am.  52 years of practicing and teaching, Martial Arts First and Civil after, give to travel a long way, to make mistakes many times and for that during the tour has changed both as a person and as a Martial Artist, that if I look as it was and c omo I am, or what I knew and what I know, I don't recognize myself.  And as experience is a degree, I give you part of the experience that I have and I consider fundamental.

Some questions we should ask and answer, if we want to improve and deepen our Art.

I know there are many more, but I consider these fundamental.

  1. - What kind of Martial Arts, Civil, or Sport do we practice?
  2. - What kind of:

Teacher Expert Practitioner Are We.?

  1. - What do we know how experts we are?
  2. - What do we teach as teachers? : Personal Training and Traditional Art. Personal Training and Personal Defense. Personal Defense. Fight. Competition Fight.
  3. - What goals does our teaching have?
  4. - What teaching method do we use?
  5. - What kind of people do we teach?
  6. - We are looking to have Students or Clients.
  7. - We take our students to Compete to improve or use them to increase our fame and/or Success.
  8. - Do we teach considering the type of character our students have?
  9. - Do we teach all students the same?
  10. - What result are we looking to get from our students?

Questions that as Masters of our Art that we should know to answer honestly and broadly.

  1. - What Philosophy does our Art have?
  2. - What Strategies does our Art consist of?
  3. - What tactics does our art have?
  4. - What kind of shapes does our Art have?
  5. - To fulfill what goals were the Forms created in our Art?
  6. - Do the Forms fulfill the goals that as Teachers, we think they must fulfill in our Art?
  7. - What kind of Sequences do the Shapes have in our Art?

Tactical Strategic Sequences.

Strategic Tactical Sequences.

Technical Sequences. Other.

  1. - How do we teach our forms?
  2. - What goals do our Shapes currently have?
  3. - What basic execution techniques do we have?

23 . - What are the foundations of creation of our fundamental technique?

  1. - What are the foundations of Execution of our Fundamental technique?
  2. - What are the basis of application of our fundamental technique?
  3. - How many types of Techniques do we have? : Just a Fundamental Technique.

Two, Basic Technique, plus Combat Technique.

  1. - Is this correctly designed a Martial or Civil Art that has 2 fundamental techniques?

Each of the answers we give to each of these questions will open our minds and increase both the breadth and depth of the knowledge we have about our Art and will also change the way: 

Understand Understand Understand Learn Practice Teach Feel Live!

Our Martial or Civil Art.

I hope you answer these questions or at least some of them will help you understand the Art you Practice as much as it has helped me and continues to help me.


Thank you for reading.

A Respectful Salute

Master Alfonso Rivilla Creator of the AteiDo