When Arthur Ashe, the legendary American tennis player, was dying of aids from which he was infected through infected blood administered during a heart surgery in 1983, he received letters from his fans, one of which asked:

" Why God had to choose you for such a horrible sick?"

Arthur Ashe replied:

Many years ago about 50 million children started playing tennis, and one of them was me.
- 5 million really learned to play tennis,
- 500 000 learned professional tennis,
- 50 thousand reached the circuit,
- 5 thousand reached grand slam,
- 50 arrived at Wimbledon,
- 4 reached the semi-final,
- 2 came to the final and again one of them was me.
When I was celebrating victory with the cup in hand, I never thought of asking God
" why to me? ".
So now that I'm in pain how can I ask God: "why me"?.
Happiness keeps you sweet!!
Trials keep you strong!!
Pain keeps you human!!
Failure keeps you humble!!
Success keeps you bright!!
But only, faith keeps you going.
Sometimes you are not satisfied with your life, while many people in this world dream of being able to have your life.
A child on a farm sees a plane that flies and dreams of flying.
But the pilot of that plane, flies over the farm and dreams of coming home.

This is life!! Enjoy yours...

If wealth was the secret of happiness, the rich should be dancing through the streets.
But only poor children do that.
If power guarantees security, important people should walk without bodyguards.
But only those who live humbly, dream quiet.
If beauty and fame attract the ideal relationships,
Celebrities should have the best marriages and it's not like that.
Have faith in yourself!
Live humbly. Walk humbly and love with the heart...!

An impressive reflection, which does not talk about religions, that comes well to all and that's why its outreach can be valuable to someone who is now asking the question:
Why me? Or
Because to me?

Do your will and not mine...