I am a Karateka… (Person)


My life is spent inside a Dojo.  (The world is a Dojo)

My world is different from Yours.   (others)?

My arms and legs are my weapons.  (Along with my mind)

My mind is my battlefield.  (of negative & positives)

My life is spent with purpose.  (of enjoyment of ups & downs)

My average day is spent seeking perfection.  (knowledge & understanding)?

My sole lives in the time of the Samurai.  (times’ or history & stories)

My defense is to never have to fight.   (is enlightening with many avenues)

My skills are my tools that help my life.  (Move)

My purpose is to pass on what I have learned.  (truths & personal experiences; wrong or right,)

My Belt is a symbol of my efforts.  (Along with life’s education)

My achievements are marked by sweat and blood.  (Patients; past-present-future)